This article was inspired by a post I wrote about dice settings. (If you have read my eBook, you will know my thoughts on dice setting. I was struck by the absurdities and sometimes even lies people tell you to keep your money from you. I was reminded of the misguided, often outright bad advice that shysters gave to beat the house. Next, I thought of the people who believe such false claims and follow their advice.

This article provides a brief overview of some of the crap-related websites. It also includes short analyses of the stupidity and dubiousness of their claims. We would find this entertaining if it weren’t for so many people to believe such rubbish. This article will help you to understand. Get it out of your head, and crap is not designed to make you lose. No system can provide long-term benefits for the player. The house has no long-term advantage, and the player cannot gain any advantages, even if they use the most recent trends in get-rich schemes that focus on dice setting. Don’t fall for the trap. It would help if you understood to live in reality and not fantasyland.

The following excerpts were taken directly from websites I searched for “learn craps” for 10 minutes. My opinions and criticisms are my own and will not be challenged by an independent qualified body.

Excerpt from: “In my humble opinion, the pass line (and the come) are among the worst bets. Although I am aware of the 1.4% advantage, has anyone ever calculated the odds against it after the come-out? Two books I read a while back stated that the average against you on the pass line after an established point is between 34-35%. This means that the odds of repeating the point’ before a 7 are nil.

Analyze: This excerpt was taken directly from an article that gave tips and strategies for playing craps. The writer argues that Flat Pass Line and Flat Come are the worst bets, but he also removes the come-out roll. This seems absurd. This is because the house advantage on these bets is so tiny due to the player’s 2:1 advantage on the come-out roll. The gift does shift to the house following the come-out, but it cannot change without the player’s 2:1 advantage on the come-out registration. It is absurd to ignore this fact.

Analyze: This excerpt comes from the same article that the first. This author is supposedly an expert on the game and will share his knowledge with you. How do I begin? The stupid and utterly false belief that previous rolls affect future rolls is the basis of the author’s argument. The Gambler’s fallacy is what the author believes. The author is proving his ignorance by believing in the Gambler’s Fallacy. No matter how many terms a player rolls a die, the odds of seeing a seven on the next roll never change. The odds of a player rolling 14 rolls and not hitting a 7 are the same as a player who rolls only four rolls and does not hit a 7. Both players have the same odds of seeing a seven on their next roll. Even if you move a million times and don’t see a 7, the chances of a seven showing up on the next roll for both players are the same as if your last registration was only once. The odds of future rolls are not affected by the results of any previous rolls. The excerpt asks the guy, “How many times have people stood at crap tables and not paid attention?” I couldn’t help but giggle and wonder how many screws this guy has. Sadly, many people consider this nonsense accurate and place their bets on him.

This article states: “This proven method has been used by professionals for years and was kept secret from the general public.” It is one of the best money-making craps methods you will find. You can lower your risk of losing by less than 6% if it is applied according to the guidelines.

Analyze: The Pass Line with Odds or Don’t Pass With Odds can give the house a 1% advantage. Many craps bets have house benefits of less than 6 percent, so claiming a 6% loss risk seems absurd. I laughed at the statement, “This is a proven, professional method that has been used by experts and kept secret from the public.” LOL (laugh out loud). This excerpt was taken from the same site.

Excerpt “— As with any entertainment or educational program, results can vary. [name redacted] and its owners accept no liability for any loss or misuse. Before placing any wagers on the outcome of the [name Redacted], they are advised to test and verify them thoroughly. Gambling involves risk, no matter how great the method. The [name redacted] recommends that buyers use the product responsibly and implement a sound money-management system. They should also not gamble with funds that could adversely affect their lives or anyone closely related.

Analyze: I laughed again. It cleverly lures you into believing it has a “professional” and consistent money-making craps system. You are filled with the hope and dream of winning at the casino. After sucking you in, they include a disclaimer that states, “—its owner assumes no liability for it or any loss that may occur.” I suspect that most buyers of this bogus system never get to the bottom of the page to read the disclaimer. They are so excited about the false hope of beating casinos for gazillions that they have already clicked the “Buy” button without even reading the release. Why would they bother to put a disclaimer on their backs if the system is so professional and consistently makes money with craps? It makes you wonder. Do not be tempted to buy bogus winning strategies. Recognize bull manure. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can beat the casino every time. It is impossible and unlikely that you will. Be smart. Be smart. Learn how to win at craps.

Although the following excerpt is quite long, I decided to include it as I am sure you will relish it as much as I did.

Excerpt from: “Here’s a simple craps strategy which requires no skill and only two bets per game. This strategy has always made the writer at least $200 an hour. This report will show you how to do the same thing at any table around the globe. This craps strategy was kept in the casino bangers’ inner circle for many years under a mutual gentleman’s agreement. We tried the [nameredacted] on random computer print-outs but couldn’t even come close to losing through almost 8000 decisions. Think about how many hours you’d have to wait for 8000 decisions. It was possible at many casinos in Atlantic City and Tahoe. It was impossible to lose the damn thing! This system doesn’t matter if the tables get hot or cold. You still win with this neat craps strategy. You can win if a new shooter throws three to four craps in a row. You can win consecutively by throwing three, four, or more sevens. A new shooter will roll a point and sevens on their next roll. You can win with the shooter after shooter! You can win even if a shooter throws 14 passes in a row. You can win even if several players are playing in a row. This system is entirely safe! Do you want to make a profit on every roll of your dice? This is how you can do it with just four simple bets. This method will ensure you win every day!

Analysis: Woohoo! This is the Holy Grail, Fountain of Youth, or the Mother of All Systems that have eluded humanity for ages. Woohoo!LOL.Yeah, right. You don’t need any skill to win. All you have to do is make two wagers at once. And, no matter what happens, I can win $200 an hour. Woohoo! Hurry up! I need to buy this system before the “casino baggers” lock it in their “inner circle” and stop selling it to the public. Does anyone need to read this nonsense? Does anyone believe this rubbish? Unfortunately, many people believe it. Otherwise, the website wouldn’t exist.

Excerpt from: “I am so confident that I can convert you into a master player with all the skills and knowledge of a pro that you may even try my methods risk-free!” These craps systems are guaranteed to work in any casino that you play. You can learn, practice, and make a profit for up to one year. Remember, I will refund 100% of your winnings if they are less than several hundred dollars per day. It’s as simple as that.

Analyze: This excerpt is taken from the same website that the previous one. It is representative of the guarantee that many craps systems offer. Take a moment to read the words. Let’s look at them.” —you can try all my methods risk-free.” The seller will give a full refund, and the system won’t lose consistently over time. These craps systems work in any casino. I guarantee them. But will they win? Any crazy system can be used, and it will “work.” In this context, the word “work” means that the system is legal for you to use regardless of whether or not you win. The seller could be in serious trouble if they replaced the word “work” with “win” because no system is certified to win every time.”—I will give you a 100 percent refund.” The guarantee is that you will get your money back. It does not mean that the system will win all the time. These guarantees can be problematic because many people forget about or fail to try to get their money back after losing their shirts. Or they delay so much that they become disillusioned and give in. Be skeptical of guarantees that promise you anything. Before you buy, make it infallible that you understand the contract. Before you buy, make foolproof. You know the security. Please pay attention to carefully selected words and their meanings. For example, “can” can make a massive difference in the sense of a sentence or even a paragraph.

Are you starting to see the picture? Scams are all around. Be careful not to tumble for these scams. Do not let your hopes of winning big blindside you. Be smart. Be smart. Find out the secret to making craps. For more laughs and sillier claims, read Part 2 of this article. You now know what to do! Learn how to play craps correctly.