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Castlevania Slots

Many online slots focus on vampires, but how many of them are about the brave men who hunt them down? The Castlevania series is well-known to video game enthusiasts. The original, released in 1986, became popular because it was the first version appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Konami series has spawned hundreds of titles since then, making it one of the most successful and popular video game franchises ever.

Castlevania by Konami, a nostalgic slot machine, is available for gamblers to play in real-money casinos. This franchise’s latest version is, however, a little different. Fans of the series will enjoy the mix of classic gameplay and some new elements. Gamblers of all levels will also love the entertaining bonus games.

Hunting Dracula

Konami’s Castlevania video slots machine, a 5-reel slot with five reels, was displayed at the 2016 Global Gaming Expo. This game features a large vertical screen that displays the jackpot prizes along with the bonus track at the bottom and the reels below. This game is not available for play in online casinos. It is only intended for players who are interested in real money wagering.

The fundamental objective of this game is similar to other slots: match symbols left to right across your active pay lines. Matching card ranks, such as tens, jacks, and so forth, can help players earn lower prizes. However, they can also look for thematic symbols like armor or treasures to increase their chances of winning more significant awards. These wild symbols can be connected with any of the regular icons. You can substitute one of the vampire hunters to help you complete your winning paylines.

Choose Your Enemy

The Castlevania scatter symbols are essential icons on your reels. You’ll be playing free spins if you get three of the Castlevania to scatter symbols. These expanded reels have nine positions per reel rather than the usual three.

This mode can activate a variety of bonus features. Expanding wild symbols can be used to cover entire reels. Additionally, any wild that hits the screen will help you crack the gem at its top. Once you have succeeded, a fairy will appear, and you can enter the bonus game.

This mini-game will have you trying to get into Dracula’s castle. You’ll hear the Castlevania theme tune while you choose from hearts which can provide you with a range of movement points that will help you move toward the castle door. You’ll be fighting bats as you make your way toward the castle door.

If you manage to make it into Dracula’s palace, you will be able to choose between three opponents: Dracula, a skeleton, or a wyvern. You could win your battle and earn a progressive jackpot in addition to all the other prizes you have made.

The casino welcomes a Classic Franchise

We are sure the Castlevania video slots will draw much attention once it hits the floor. The video slot’s famous name will attract a lot of attention, but its unique features and game feel will make it stand out among other casino slot machines. The unique feature was a highlight for us. It provided a sense of adventure and excitement rare in slot machines. This new machine will be a hit with gamblers who have fond memories of these games as children or adults.